How a Virtual Assistant Will Benefit Your Small Business

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In case you missed it, you probably already know what a Virtual Assistant is and what she does. Put simply, a VA is someone who will provide you with business support, who will “have your back” – with none of the additional costs associated with having your own Personal Assistant. It’s a cost-effective solution, particularly for entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses and sole traders.

If you're anything like me, I’ll take a bet that you often say there aren’t enough hours in the day. There’re so many more things you must do to keep your business going (note, not thriving, but surviving) that you maybe didn’t consider when you first started out. Not just the day-to-day administrivia but social media, blogging (if you have one).

You may be able to do those tasks, but are they the best use of your time? Is it financially sound to, say, send out your invoices, chase payments, and a gazillion other things when you could have a VA to do this for you? If you can earn more per hour than the VA’s hourly rate, then No, it’s certainly not financially sound. Because not only do you have a very expensive admin assistant but you’re not out there growing your business, so you lose twice.

If you make the initial investment of time to find yourself a Virtual Assistant, and then once it’s decided what you want her to do, you can get focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to your VA.

So, what can a VA do that will benefit your business?

Limbo dancing excepted, we’re very flexible. We’re there when you need us, and you don’t pay us when you don’t. It might be 10 hours one week, two the following week. What you don't get is someone sitting there, nursing a cup of tea, while you're paying them. I stop the clock when I go put the kettle on.

No need to pay employee taxes, benefits or office equipment. I’ve written a blog about how a VA gives value for money (find it here) because you don’t have to pay for office space or equipment, software licences, paid holiday, paid sick leave, employee taxes, time taken to gossip, make tea, etc etc. You get what you pay for, and you pay for what you get. No trade-offs..

Pay only for the hours worked. As a Virtual Assistant, it’s in my best interest to do your work as quickly and efficiently is possible. As an individual, as someone running my own business, I depend on referrals and work coming in. I’ll be cost-effective, so you’ll always come back to me when you need more support.

Never miss a deadline. How many times have you come close to missing a deadline? Or, even worse, missed a deadline and this has a knock-on effect on your business’s reputation? I run a business, too, and I understand the immense importance of a good reputation. Although I have official “office hours” – if you give me a piece of work to do, with a deadline that can’t be moved, then that deadline will be met!

No need to micro-manage. Once you hand off to your Virtual Assistant, you're free to get on and do the stuff you need to do (or even take a day off!), and be confident that the completed work will come back on time and error-free.

Match your requirement with a specific skill set. You don’t have to stick with one Virtual Assistant. Depending on your specific needs, if you want someone to manage your social media, your blog, your website, then find someone who has those specific skills. Want someone for project management or customer service support? Look for someone who does that. Want someone for everyday diary and inbox management, to keep you on track? Look for someone who can do that with one hand tied behind her back.

Working with a Virtual Assistant – singular or plural – who can cover A, B and C, will mean you don’t have to settle for a person that can do A and C, but is weak on B. Never settle again! How great would that be?

Last, but really not least, someone else will care about your business. A Virtual Assistant runs her own business, so will likely have experienced the highs and lows, stresses and strains of keeping that show on the road. She’ll not only get those tasks done, but will offer support from a business perspective. And, basically, by supporting you and your business while it grows, our own business will do the same. It’s a win-win situation!

So, are you struggling to get everything done within a reasonable working day? Are you fed up of keeping up with social media and website updates? Do you have a project which is taking up too much of your time managing? Get yourself a Virtual Assistant (or two). Start off small, just a trial task or two, and see how it can work for you.

Still undecided? Give me a call. See what I can do for you – help you focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to me.

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