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With all the tricks and treats on offer today, audio transcription can seem a bit old-fashioned, can’t it? Picture a secretary, headphones on, typing away, the sound of stop-start coming from under the desk as she operates her machine from a footpedal...

There’s free software online that will record your words. Microsoft Word has a dictation app built in. So why pay a transcriptionist to do this for you?

Well, trust me, it won’t save you any time in the long run.

Free online software. As good as it is, you will get – within the same processed document – a whole host of different interpretations of even common words. It will include some punctuation, but not all. And even a slight accent can skew the results. And don’t get me started on place names. I’ve seen Royal Wootton Basset recorded as Real Woolly Mammoth. Honest! It won’t change “gonna” into “going to”. It can record “aloud” as “allowed” and vice versa.

Microsoft Word. This will record every single word for you – and pretty accurately, too – but it won't include any punctuation. So you need to go through it all and add the fullstops, the commas, the question marks.

Really? Yes.

There are a few ways that audio transcription can help you and your business, and save you time and money. Consider the following…

Letters, thoughts, ideas How often do you jot down any of your thoughts, plans, ideas on anything other than a post-it note or perhaps that envelope you’ve just found in your pocket? How often have you forgotten to send a letter to an important client, or a prospective client? How much easier might it be if you could just tap an icon on your smartphone and talk? Of course, you could then just run it through that free software I’ve mentioned. But given the examples I’ve outlined above, you’d then have to go through it all and edit it. And pity the poor postman trying to find a woolly mammoth…

Interviews and meetings In these very strange times of social distancing and working from home, the business of business still has to go on. And a lot of meetings and interviews are taking place over platforms such as Zoom, GoTo and Skype. If you’re participating in those meetings, it’s difficult to talk and listen and write at the same time, if you need to take notes. And, whilst you're scribbling down an important point, you want to get it right and that can take a little time. The other attendees may talk amongst themselves while you're writing. You can very easily miss another important point. Or you can record the whole thing, and send it off to your transcriptionist. A point to remember here, though – you must have the permission of every attendee that they’re okay with being recorded.

If you think that you could benefit from a professional transcriptionist, give me a call. See what I can do for you – help you focus on what you do best, and leave the rest to me.

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